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Least Squares method in title

Squares This widget is a virtual replica of the popular squares game.
Size: 259.81 KB
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Widget Game Align grid pencil distance calculator  
Novel Squares The play area is an 8 x 8 grid full of 8 different kinds of blocks. When 4 blocks of the same kind form the 4 corners of a square (small, large, tilted), those ...
Size: 3245 KB
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tilted font tilted Reusable Application Blocks  
Amazing Squares Amazing Squares is a version of the classic "falling blocks" game. The game has two different playmodes. Standard and psycho. Includes the ability to save blocks, and supports skins. The gam
Size: 4.3 MB
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Psycho Game Maker Ability blocks game falling blocks game  
Magic squares Magic squares is a very small program that generates Magic squares
Size: 159K
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generate magic least squares square Adjust Squares  
English Squares Napoleonic battles
Size: 2.25 MB
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Galaxy Battles battles  
Football Squares Classic Football Squares on the computers. No more messy markers and rulers to line out 10 equal lines. Let your computer keep track of this years football squares game. Just in time for the playoff's
Size: 3.8M
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Football Schedule Football Fixture Football least squares  

Least Squares method in tags

Polynomial Regression Performs multivariate polynomial regression using the Least Squares method
Size: 565 KB
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Multiple Regression Regression polynomial computation  
Linear Regression Study the regression problem with this tool.
Size: 333 KB
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analysis Analyze Multiple Regression Regression Forecasting  
Digits A simple puzzle game
Size: 380K
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least squares Adjust Squares Least Squares method  
SoftArtes MagicSquares SoftArtes MagicSquares calculates magic squares (odd, singly-even (n=4m+2), and doubly-even (n=4m) order squares). Manipulate cells to create other magic squares with same magic constant using rotatio
Size: 3,420K
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magic Screensaver magic least squares magic folders  
Patrick's Challenge II A puzzle game for Windows. The object of the game is to move Patrick around the game board and remove all 28 squares. Squares with coloured balls will remove extra squares and can make the game tricki
Size: 2,793K
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least squares Remove Image Object remove object  
Least Squares Fit Routine Least Squares Fit Routine (LuSiFeR) is a program for least squares data analysis.
Size: 5.9 MB
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Parameter Regression Analysis Regression least squares  

Least Squares method in description

AutoClickomania The aim of the game away as much as possible Squares the same color. You can click anywhere on the screen, and if the round is paired squares of the same color, then they will be removed from the scre...
Size: 303.40 KB
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Magic Squares Widget Magic Squares is a free widget that draws magic squares with an odd number of rows Magic Squares is a free widget that draws magic squares with an odd number of rows. Magic Squares Widget allows you t...
Size: 55.6 KB
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magic least squares magic folders fx magic magic music  
JMLSudoku small and simple Java class that can help you generate 9×9 Sudoku Squares. This is done using a backtracking method to find valid cases. Sudoku is a logic puzzle in a 9×9 square, where all...
Size: 15 KB
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class Java class square Sudoku  
Intersect Windows Edition A challenging game of Intersecting Squares. You must rotate the squares to solve the puzzle. But be careful, by rotating one square you affect others! Puzzle attempts are timed and the number of moves...
Size: 1000 KB
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least squares Adjust Squares Least Squares method  
Maths: squares II Maths: Squares II is developed as an educational quiz that allows you to practice squares from 2 to 30, and includes multiple difficulties. Maths: squares II features mostly times questions, that can ...
Size: 1 KB
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math math quiz math test mathematics memory test assessment  
Squariuz Grow and shrink the Squares to clear them by forming chains of 3 or more of the same size and color. You can build longer chains by rapidly clicking on adjacent squares. Create combos (chain reactions...
Size: 40k
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shrink ppt size shrink PET images size picture-forming